In his Plein Air landscapes, Peter Davidson employs techniques of classical oil painting from the 16th and 17th centuries. The paintings also benefit from the use of a modern color palette reflecting 20th century advances in cadmium-based pigment chemistry.
Peter's custom palette follows a classical structure of tint/value relationships.
Peter's paintings are created with:

• His handmade rabbit-skin gesso using caulks from Bologna, Italy and titanium white dry pigments.

• Use of rare varnishes, painting & grinding mediums, made following the historical formulas of the 17th century Flemish painting system used by Rubens and his followers.

• Oil paints selected from his custom mixed color palette combining the advances of richer and more saturated cadmium pigments, re-tubed to follow a classical structure of colors by their tint/value relationships.


Presently, Peter Davidson's paintings are available in two standard horizontal sizes:
9" x 16 5/8", and 15 3/4" x 29 1/4".
These two sizes, which are in the same aspect ratio (1: 1.85) as wide-screen film, allow Mr. Davidson to explore composition for the moving film image, while he paints.

His paintings may be purchased framed or unframed.

Framing choices that are usually available are listed below and samples shown at right:

Contemporary Style Frame
The most popular style uses a Gold Frame with a linen cloth liner. The small sizes are generally in stock. As they are manufactured locally, if ordering is required, the usual wait is 1 - 1 1/2 weeks. The cost is $110.00 for small frames and $165.00 for the large ones.
Craftsman Style Frame
This style uses an antiqued gold frame with an antiqued silver painted liner. It is based on a historical style of frame used during the period of the early California Impressionist painters. They are currently available in two sizes. However, if this style requires ordering, there is a 3-4 week wait as these frames are crafted outside of California. The cost is $110.00 for small frames and $165.00 for the large ones.
Modern Floating Frameless Presentation
This modern presentation makes the painting seem to float 1/2" above the wall surface. The edge of the painting panel is revealed in a dark polyurethane grey-black transparent stain, providing a tasteful contemporary presentation of the paintings within modern architectural interior design settings. The small size is $90, and the large size, $125.00.


Prices are subject to change. Presently the small Plein Air oil paintings are available for $695, plus framing if desired, and tax. The larger size Plein Air paintings are available for $1455 plus framing if desired, and tax.


Commissions are available. Mr. Davidson creates some form of architectural or entertainment production-based visual concept art almost every week. However, he is still interested in discussing special projects.
The costs can be estimated at between 150-170% of the regular prices. This fee will be estimated based on the complexity of subject and research required. Travel time and costs are additional if required.
Commissions require an initial 50% deposit before painting commences.